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okay, you’ve probably seen this around on tumblr, and read somewhere along the lines of “THIS IS SOMEONE DYING WHILE HAVING AN MRI SCAN”

well. that’s NOT true. this gif is from the Walking Dead, a t.v show. No one actually died while having an MRI scan.

BUT what is true, is that this could be a representation of what actually happens. 

Researchers planted electrodes in 6 mice, and then killed them afterwards by injecting them with poison. What they found is that immediately after their heart’s stopped beating, there was a surge of brain activity. For 30 entire seconds, there was continuous, heightened brain activity. Their brain suddenly seemed to go into overdrive, showing all the hallmarks not only of consciousness but a kind of hyperconsciousness.

Here’s a source: X







Eat it to know she’s satisfied

How about cover her with a sheet because anything you do to her will be considered rape?

Nope I asked

Asking a drunk person for anything involving sex is ill-advised because that is not legal consent.

She’s my “Play sis” that’s the point with us being drunk and across my bed.

Nah. But do you.

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